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László, András; philologist, researcher of spiritual economy

András László (1954) is a philologist, philosopher, translator/interpreter, journalist, musician (violin-ist) and manager/consultant. He got his MA at the Catholic University of Louvain (1976). He pur-sued postgraduate studies in philosophy, psychology and sociology in Germany (Münster, Bonn, Marbach am Neckar), Yugoslavia (Dubrovnik) and France (Paris) over a period of 6 years, he started his active work as a free-lance journalist and a translator/interpreter. Currently, he is the president and CEO of

Professional experiences:

De Standaard (Belgian daily Newspaper, Culture and Science section) and Radio 3—Woord (Belgian National Radio; free-lance journalist); the American Embassy, Motorola, Texaco, Bandag, and many other multinationals (translator/interpreter); Interbrew, Marlux, ABB In-surance Company, Berlitz, UCB, Lafarge Coppée (consultant); Marlux (sales representative in Hun-gary, 1993-1994); Club of Budapest (deputy to the president, 1994-1997); Club of Budapest Founda-tion (vice-president and managing director, 1997-1998); Trends economic weekly (free-lance journal-ist); (president and CEO).

Research areas:

The synergies between spirituality and management and their practical application on every level of management

Intellectual profile:

After his postgraduate studies, András László started his active work as a free-lance journalist and a translator/interpreter. As a journalist he produced over 30 radio programmes—literary, cultural, scientific and philosophical—for the cultural section of the Belgian National Radio. From 1994 to 1997, he acted as deputy to the president of the Club of Budapest and gained expertise in the or-ganization of international conferences, colloquia and concerts (Budapest, Brussels, Paris, Stras-bourg, Frankfurt). Currently, he works on his MBA-thesis at the International School of Manage-ment ENPC in Paris on Spirituality and Business—a New Paradigm for Management in the 3rd Millennium. As a lecturer and cultural bridge-builder, he particularly focuses on the synergies be-tween spirituality and management. As a free-lance journalist he covers management and leader-ship issues. As president and CEO of ( his drive is to create a Global Meeting Platform for Innovation and the Future—an Interface between Interna-tional Organizations, Civil Society and the Business Community. As a manager, his main focus is to introduce Inner Leadership to all levels of management (top-, middle- and the work floor) and establish a World Curriculum on Spirituality and Business. He acts as a cultural change agent with one wake-up call: “Let’s join our powers, work together, make things happen, just do it, and let us be the difference.”

Major publications:

András László is an author of several cultural and economical articles and stud-ies, translator of many books. His book titled “Spirituality and Business—a New Paradigm of/for Management in the 3rd Millennium” is about to be published.

Other activities:

The author is a member of the following international organisations: European Academy of Sciences and Arts (; EBBF (European Baha’í Business Fo-rum,; The Club of Rome Brussels EU-Chapter (; Senior Fel-low of the Global Dialogue Institute, Haverford, US (; Institute of Human Economics, Maine, US (; European partner of Tamas Consultants ( He loves to be in silence and lives on the level of vibrations—in harmony with nature.


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