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Upon the foundation of
Metatheory Research Group

(Mission statement)

In regard to the topicality of subject the Institute for Strategic Research has decided on founding its Metatheory Research Group. The group's works include summarizing the essence of widespread theories, which are suitable to describe the world (reality/consciousness) with limitations only, to relate them to each other and to explore, to identify occurring common basis. Under theories we mean most of all the natural and social sciences, philosophies, the world religions, arts and Hermetic-Mystic literature.

Classical polyhistors exist no more in today's world. Humanity's accumulation of knowledge is increasing at a rate that surpasses many times the capacity of one human mind. The fast intellectual advancement unavoidably caused disciples to get more and more separate, and gradually the common grounds were left behind. Researchers of different areas live in different worlds and most of the time they do not even understand each other not to mention to benefit from each others works. Time has ripened to improve this situation through the comprehensive integrative analysis of the gathered knowledge matter and with the help of modern communication tools.

The group's main objective is to develop such an overall metatheory, which provides a common conceptual basis to the united discussion of the above mentioned theories, to their effective comparison, and to set their scope of validity more precisely. We are confident that metatheory via pinpointing the common concepts (category nets, new top principles), directly contributes to theoretical philosophical research and at the same time may lead to new practical achievements indirectly. The new knowledge discloses new reality, and the acceptance, recreation of this new reality means remodeling the world as well.

Metatheory makes possible to surmount the abyss between the exact natural sciences and the Hermetic-mystical literature and religions, opening up the way to the formation of a solid world view (universal thinking/state of consciousness). Sooner or later, the birth of this world view is a must, if we wish to dissolve the cultural, intellectual antagonisms between globalization and localization

The assimilation of existing knowledge matters, their fair-minded comparative analysis and philosophical considerations may produce a curriculum, which permits education institutions to instruct an open minded, comprehensive (and new!) way of thinking while avoiding the physical restraints of processing a huge heap of knowledge. Metatheory demands multidisciplinary universities and education.



Csaba Varga, President

23th of August, 2002


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