Egyesített Elméletek Tudományos konferencia és workshop



The Institute for Strategic Research
and its Metatheory, Theoretical Physics
and Human and Artificial Intelligence research groups

sincerely invite you to participate in a four days conference
and workshop with the title:




The aim of the conference:

During the last few decades natural sciences - especially physics - reached such depths in understanding nature's functioning at fundamental levels, that an analysis and synthesis of the effect of these findings in connection to other disciplines is essential and important. In this regard, one of the major issues is to relate these new ideas and concepts to the understanding of the phenomenon of consciousness and life or living matter. By changing our view on life and the phenomenon of consciousness and by understanding their fundamental role in the evolution of the Universe, the old philosophical, scientific and theological concepts about these phenomenons need to be re-examined. In physics these new ideas initiated a unification programme - still to be proved and worked out, where tie way to accomplish it will be part of the meeting -, but this kind of unification is expected to happen within and among other disciplines, too. This later prediction was the main inspiration for us, at the Institute for Strategic Research, in deciding to organise this international conference, which is the continuation of the one we organised last year on the Physics of Consciousness and Quantum Computing. Our aim, beside this, is to initiate and form an international network of scientist and leading thinkers on these fields, which could help in quickening up the process of finding a way to unify all of these different ideas. In this regard, our Institute - under the name "Metatheory" - has already initiated and formed a network of scientist in Hungary about which you could read on the official web-portal:, So, if you find interesting our initiative to unify all human understandings, than we invite you to participate in our meeting.