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Metatheory, Metaphilosophy - The new volume of the Metatheory Books Series now available in Hungarian. Ordering information:



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13-02-2008On 16-19th of May 2008 we will hold our 2nd scientific conference and workshop on Unified Theories in Budapest. (The Hall of the MGYOSZ (Conference Room 702.)
For more about the conference please look at the following website: >>>

15-18-11-2006 under the auspices of the Institute for Strategic Research, the Hungarian Cultural Foundation and the Third Millennium Foundation an international scientific conference will be held with the title: Unified Theories.

05-06-2006 The Institute for Strategic Research has signed a cooperation agreement with the István Széchenyi Institute for Strategic Research (Tóthfalu/Totovo Selo, Vojvodina, Serbia). As a part of the future collaboration, the two institutes will pursue a joint research on the field
of metatheory. Dr. Sándor Hódi, the chairman of the institute in Vojvodina,
will participate in the formulation of a new psychological theory.

02-06-2006 An exclusive scientific consultation was held in the Institute for Strategic Research about the theory and methodology of CrossSensor, a new, isntrument in business innovation and developement. The technology was
presented by the invited guest Imi Markos (Creapreneur AB, Stockholm, Sweden).


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TGD inspired quantum theory of consciousness and of bio systems

The purpose of this chapter is to represent a bird eye's of view about the basic ideas of TGD inspired consciousness and its applications to living matter. TGD is one of the many attempts to find a unified description of basic interactions. The basic physical picture behind TGD was formed as a fusion of two rather disparate approaches: namely TGD is as a Poincare invariant theory of gravitation and TGD as a generalization of the old-fashioned string model.
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