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Csorba, József; researcher of information theory

József Csorba (1947) graduated as a librarian and pursued studies in statistical information theory, communication theory, web-based editorial systems and word processing. He is presently the director of the Information Bureau for Information Source.

Professional experiences:

Ministry of Heavy Industries (librarian, 1969-1981); Hungarian Technical Information Centre (editor, 1981-1990); Prime Minister’s Office (information consultant, 1990-1991); Research Institute for Privatisation (information consultant, secretary, 1991-1996); Information Bureau for Information Source (founder, information consultant, secretary, 1996)

Research areas:

information science; development of intellectual information handling skills; information politics, state’s information model and modernisation of its macro-communicative structure

Intellectual profile:

The author is a librarian who first worked in ministerial milieu as a press consultant librarian. Later, he practised informative work on the area of high sciences—electronics, biotechnology—like taking part in founding the reviews Magyar Elektronika (Hungarian Electronics) and a compiled issue titled BiotechInfo. After that—in the year of the Hungarian political transitions—he worked as an information consultant for the state government preparing information politics and coverage at the Prime Minister’s Office. He started his present consultative work in 1996, when he founded the Information Bureau for Information Source, trying to adapt the international information source management methods and working there as a director and consultant. While effecting state orders at first, now the Bureau is mandated only by private enterprises—which is quite typical in Hungary, where information-producing and information-realizing companies can only be stabile in a semi-state or bank environment. The author has published several studies mainly about information society. He has been also a member of many research groups of the Institute for Strategic Research, Hungary’s prominent workshop for information society research. He is often invited to keep presentations about the state’s information model and its macro-communicative structure. He is a member of the editorial board of the INCO and eVilág (eWorld) periodicals as well.

Major publications:

Magyar információ-menedzsment, I-III. (Hungarian Information Management, IFTI, 2001, 2002); Információ és állam (Information and State, IFTI, Budapest, 2004)

Major publications with others:

Mi a jövő? (What is the Future? Bognár—Fehér—Varga eds. OMFB, ORTT, HÉA, Budapest, 1998)

Other activities:

Gardening, reading, listening to music.

Website: www.ifti.hu
e-mail: jozsef.csorba@metaelmelet.hu; csj@ifti.hu

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