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Dienes, István; theoretical physicist, Vedic researcher

István Dienes (1970) got his BSc. in control engineering at University of Miskolc in 1994. His study as well contained final examination from academic mathematics and physics and digital data process-ing and analogue and digital electronics. He wrote his graduate thesis work on parallel programming on Transputers in Occam 2 language which was examined and graded excellent by the Hungarian Central Research Institute for Physics where such multiprocessor and Transputer systems are under research. At present he has been continuing his researches at the Institute for Strategic Research.

Research areas:

Scientific research on consciousness, theoretical investigation of the physics of con-sciousness and conscious awareness in connection to the unified field theories of physics; extension of these researches to possible technological utilizations (e.g. extended real-time, dynamical MRI equipments), real-time consciousness and brain function simulations

Intellectual profile:

Following his personal interest the author has studied for more than ten years the above mentioned areas and at the same time he focused his attention on the experiential investigation of higher states of consciousness. On work-study programme from 1995-1999 he got a scholarship and was studying and researching on quantum information modelling of higher states of consciousness and brain functioning at MERU (Maharishi European Research University, which is a non-governmental institute in Seelisberg, Switzerland). With the help of his integrated approach and Maharishi’s personal guidance the author managed to develop a new physical model of conscious-ness what he named as consciousness-holomatrix because of the intrinsic holographic and matrix structure of the model. This new model could possibly lead to a creation of a completely unified theory of physics and consciousness and could be called the physics of consciousness or Vedic physics. Since 2004 he has been continuing his researches at the Institute for Strategic Research in Hungary.

Major publications:

A book under preparation on Holomatrix theory published in Hungarian and English by the Institute for Strategic Research. A 30 pages booklet titled “The development of higher states of consciousness and its scientific modelling” published by the author himself and an audio lecture series on the scientific foundations of consciousness researches can be found at www.tminfo.hu.

Other activities:

Before the research contact with the Institute for Strategic Research the author was translating popular scientific books form English into Hungarian helping to bring the new understand-ings to the Hungarian readers. The author is a TM (Transcendental Meditation) teacher as well and he is teaching this technique in his spare time. He is continuingly studying Maharishi’s Vedic Science and the Vedic literature in the above mentioned questions. He likes to go to cinema and to enjoy life in every way.

e-mail: istvan.dienes@metaelmelet.hu; dienesistvan@yahoo.com

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