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Héjjas, István; engineer, researcher of Buddhism

István Héjjas (1938) is presently the economic vice-director of the LSI Educational Center of Infor-matics and lecturer at Gábor Dénes College on Informatics, Budapest. He graduated from the Techni-cal University in Miskolc as a mechanical engineer (1961). In the Budapest Technical University he earned another degree as a special electric engineer on automatics (1970). At the Budapest Technical University he earned a doctors degree too in 1973 on automatic control of industrial technologies.

Professional experiences:

Technical University of Miskolc, Department of Mathematics (assistant lecturer, 1961 1962); Electrical Automatics Institute, Budapest (head of division, 1962-1977); Indus-trial Institute for Communication Engineering, Budapest (senior research worker, 1977-1978); Re-search Institute for Industry of Technical Instruments and its successor (chief sector engineer, 1978-1999)

Research areas:

Electronics, automatics, optics; research, development and design of automatic systems; research and development of industrial measuring technology, laser measuring technology, infrared analytical measuring, etc. 27 patented inventions on automatics, measuring technology, laser measuring technol-ogy, optics and spectrophotometers. System theory, digital electronics, automatics, laser technology; ancient oriental religions and philosophies

Intellectual profile:

István Héjjas graduated as mechanical and electrical engineer and as a patent engineer and took a doctor’s degree on automatic control of industrial technologies. He used to work for decades at developer and research institutes on industrial R+D projects for automation, control, measuring and computer technology. He earned “Excellent inventor, golden degree” twice, in 1984 and in 1989 from the Hungarian Patent Office. He is interested in oriental religions and philosophies and modern psychology, and in those fields he has several publications. He has held more than 60 lec-tures and discourses about his researches on Hungarian and international conferences. Now, he is a lecturer at a technical college and educates in computer technology and ancient Indian and Chi-nese philosophies.

Major publications:

A Modern Tudomány és a Keleti Bölcselet (Modern Science and Oriental Phi-losophy, Orientpress, 1990); Ókori Indiai Bölcselet (Ancient Philosophy of India, Orientpress, 1994); Illúzió és valóság (Illusion and Reality, Aszklépiosz, 1997); Rendszergazda alapismeretek (Basics for Computer Administrators, course-book for engineers, LSI Könyvkiadó, 2003); Buddha és a részec-skegyorsító (Buddha and the Partickle Accelerator, Édesvíz Könyvkiadó, 2004)

Major publications with others:

Erősáramú Zsebkönyv (Pocketbook for Strong Electricity, Műszaki Könyvkiadó, 1976 and 1981)

Other activities:

The author also deals with the research of ancient philosophy, religions, psychology and philosophy of science. He often does tinkering, gardening, cycling in his spare time.

e-mail: hejjas@gdf-ri.hu

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