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Koncz, Gábor; economist, researcher of culture

Gábor Koncz (1950) is an economist and a researcher of culture. Completing high school in Sáro-spatak, he worked as a radio journalist while pursuing his studies at the Budapest University of Eco-nomics.

Professional experiences:

His career as a researcher began at the Institute of Adult Education. He acted as an outside contributor to ministries, planning bureaus, several research institutions and uni-versities, as a consultant to UNESCO, and worked as a periodical editor. In the past quarter of a cen-tury, in his positions of vice president of the Institute of Leadership Training at the Ministry of Cul-ture, director of the Kulturinnov Innovation and Continued Education, Inc., and later director of the Hungarian Culture Foundation, he has been the organizer and mentor of numerous researches, pro-jects, trainings, as well as conferences and other events.

Research areas:

future research, social planning, cultural statistics, economics of culture, cultural planning, non-profit sector, national strategy, event management

Intellectual profile:

Dr. Koncz initiated and managed cultural-economical research in Hungary. He took a proactive part in laying the foundations for cultural planning, forecasting, and cultural management research and education in the country. These were, primarily though UNESCO, linked with international analysis and the formulization of recommendations. His work is characterized by the synergy of research, education and practical management. In addition to his work as foundation director, in-volving both entrepreneurial and non-profit components, as a presenter and publicist, he also con-tributes to thematic (e.g. national strategy) and regional development programs. He has offered presentations at conferences and other events in several countries of Europe, as well as in the USA, Cuba, and Australia. A university lecturer, he is the author or co-author of many books and dozens of studies published in Hungarian and other languages.

Major publications:

An attempt at the economic analysis of musical culture in Hungary (UNESCO, Division for Cultural Development, Paris, 1980); Problems of Cultural Planning (UNESCO, Division for Cultural Development, Paris, 1981); A művelődésgazdaságtan szakirodalma (Bibliography of Economy of Culture, Statisztikai Kiadó Vállalat, Budapest, 1981); Coordinating education policies and plans with those for culture and communication within the framework of long-term economic and social policies. With a selected annotated international bibliography. (UNESCO, Division of Educa-tional Policy and Planning, Paris, 1985); UNESCO’s action in the field of cultural planning. A synthe-sis of the work carried out within UNESCO’s programme since the end of 1960’s… (UNESCO, Sec-tion for Cultural Policies and Studies on Cultural Development, Paris, Report/Studies, CC/CSP/CP02, 1986)

Major publications with others:

A kulturális szféra tervezése (Planning of the Cultural Field, Gábor Koncz—Ferenc Káposztás—István Monigl, Tankönyvkiadó, Budapest, 1984); A critical analysis of the notion of planning, with particular reference to the Hungarian experience. A case study prepared at the request of the UNESCO Division of Philosophy and Human Sciences. (Gábor Koncz—Iván Illés, UNESCO, Division for the study of Development, Paris, Report/Studies, STY. 38, 1986); Tanulmán-yok az információgazdaságtanról (Studies on information economy, József Szabó ed. OMIKK KSH, Budapest, 1986); The diversification of the education field in Hungary (Gábor Koncz— Péter Inkei—Gábor Pőcze, UNESCO, International Institute for Educational Planning, Paris, 1988); Kultúra-gazdaságtani tanulmányok (Studies on Economy of Culture, Katalin Daubner—Sándor Horváth—Katalin Petró eds. Aula, Budapest, 2000); Magyar hozomány. Magyarország az EU-csatlakozás küszöbén (Hungarian Dowry. Hungary on the Doorstep of EU Accession, Attila Ágh ed. BM Kiadó, Budapest, 2004); Rendezvénytan (Event Management, with Szilvia Bába, József Kandikó and Zsuzsanna Seres, book and CD to be issued, 2005)
Other activities: The author is married for nearly thirty years. His wife is a family support and mental hygiene professional. He takes pleasure in his sons—one of them is a student of biology and the other is a cultural manager—and also in his extended family relations, deep friendships and social activity. In the era of information society, reading and publishing have become his sustaining elements. How-ever, his connection to the practical is not limited to foundation event management; he is an active farmer and bridges mind and nature by cross-country horseback riding.

Website: www.mka.hu
e-mail: mka@mail.datanet.hu

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