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Márfai Molnár, László; aesthete, philosopher

Dr. László Molnár (1966), associate professor, PhD (philosophical sceince), University of Western Hungary, Faculty of Wood Industry Engineering, Teacher Training School (Sopron). He is a member of the Public Body of the Hungarian Science Academy (1997).

Professional experiences:

Kossuth Lajos Science University, Department of Philosophy (1991-1994); BTÓ College, Szarvas (1995-1996); University of Western Hungary, Sopron (1996-)

Research area:

Philisophy of arts, history of literature

Intellectual profile:

The author was the founder editor of the periodicals “Határ” (Border, about literature) and “Gond” (Concern, about philosophy) at University of Debrecen, Faculty of Arts and Humanities. He gained a scientific stipend at the Department of Philosophy (1991) and got PhD-degree there (1997). He has also gained many Hungarian scientific and research stipends (e.g. Kállai Ernő, Bolyai, Eötvös). He has been a lecturer at the University of Western Hungary (former University of Sopron). He focuses on the philosophy of arts of Lajos Fülep and the phrase-like examination of the literal and scientific texts taken as words after Northrop Frye.

Major publications:

Jelentés a dialógus nyomán (Report on the trace of dialogue, Studies on the art writings of the young Lajos Fülep, Argumentum kiadó, Budapest, 2001); A Civitas Fidelissima diskurzusa (Discourse of the Civitas Fidelissima, Cultural, historical and economical studies on So-pron, László Molnár—Csilla Molnár eds. University of Western Hungary, Sopron, 2001)

Major publications with others:

„Este nyolckor születtem…” (I was born at 8 PM, Hommage á Márai Sándor, Szombathely, 2000); Rejtett párbeszédek (Hidden Dialogues, Austro-Hungarian-Central-European parallels, István Fried ed. Szeged, 2000)

e-mail: marmolnar@hotmail.com

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