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The New Worldtheory book

Planning for the new ("spherical") meta-book

The new theory of reality book will most probably contain the following chapters and subsections:


Titles and draft contents of the chapters and subsections

Editors and authors of the chapters/subsections


(or entrance into the new reality or consciousness, or consciousness-reality
The new reality/consciousness (Being/consciousness)

    1. A new theoretical picture about the full reality/consciousness



Full length:
Max: 10 pages


The Unified Theory (or metatheory, theory of everything, etc.) and its building blocks
(survey of the existing knowledge)
2.1.  Fundamental theories:
2.1.1 Natural sciences and the unified theory (unified theory of physics)
2.1.2. Biosciences and the unified theory (unified theory of life)
2.1.3. Social theories and the unified theory (unified theory of society)
2.1.4. Complex theory of man and consciousness (unified theory of man and consciousness)
2.1.5. Integral theories of information, knowledge, culture and the unified theory
2.1.6. Tradition theories, theologies, religions, shamanic perceptions and the unified theory (unified theory of spirituality and/or theology, which is a unified tradition theory at the same time)
2.1.7. Top theories (matrix theory, category and topos theory, physics of consciousness, etc.)
2.1.8. Articulating the unified metaphilosophy on the basis of the fundamental theories
2.2. Supra and Top theory networks
2.2.1. Scientific (and post-scientific), metaphysical (and/or theological), post-colonial integral top theories
2.2.2. Unified theory of sciences, mega-philosophies
2.3. Meta-theories and their meta-structures (unifying every fundamental and supra-theories)
2.3.1. Linking supra-theories: unified theories
2.3.2.  The meta-structures of the unified theories (new knowledge, new state of consciousnesses, articulating the full/perfect meta-reality/meta-consciousness)
2.4. The basic and top concepts
2.4.1. Defining the network structure of the top theories


















Full length:
Max: 50 pages


The relationship of the many layered reality/consciousness and the unified theory (pre hypothesis)
3.1. Different alternatives of the observer-observed relationship
3.2. Different alternatives of many layered, multi-vectorial reality and consciousness (the total Reality/consciousness connections




Full length:
Max: 15-20 pages


The meta-cognitional methodology of the unified theory
4.1. pre-scientific cognition
4.2. scientific cognitions (normal and post-normal scienece)
4.3. post-scientific cognition
4.4. artistic cognitions
4.5. spiritual cognitions
4.6. unified meta-cognition
4.7. cognition modes, the interdependently controlled cognition, and the supra-methodology of cognition






Full length:
Max: 25-30 pages


The general philosophy of the unified metatheory
5.1. The cardinal theses of the new consciousness/world (or consciousness/reality, or consciousness/being, etc.)
5.2. The general structure of meta-reality and meta-consciousness and its description
5.3. The different levels and steps of the personal and collective reality/consciousness 




Full length:
Max: 50 pages


The detailed description of the new, complex theory of reality and meta-consciousness/ meta-reality (including all the layers of the many layered, multileveled reality and collective consciousness, using all methodology of cognition)
6.1. Unified theory about the personal (inner) consciousness (see: Divine Self, Self) and about the personal unconscious, in relation to the personal inner space-time (holon 1);
6.2. Unified theory about the personal physical-material reality (see: body, brain, mind) and about the physical-material reality, (see: matter, life, etc.) (holon 2a); and about the personal (outer) consciousness (Self, waking states) and about the collective social consciousness and its levels in relation to the hyperspace of the multiversum (holon 2b)
6.3. Unified theory about the personal spirit, spiritual consciousness and about the collective spirit and consciousness (see: collective intelligence) (holon 3/a);
and also about the personal knowledge, knowledge structures and about the "objective" spiritual reality (see: agespirit, collective intellect, etc.), in relation to the spiritual space-time (holon 3b);
6.4. Unified theory about the personal post-consciousnesses (see: higher states of consciousness) and about the collective post-consciousnesses (see: God, Divinity, Brahman, Absolute, etc.) (holon 4/a);
and also about the personal post-reality (spiritual reality) and about the outer post-reality (see: transcendental reality) in relation to the non-personal, over -reality space-time; (holon 4b)
6.5. A unified theory about the inner transitions between the different layers of reality/consciousness (holon 1-4) (nothingness-totality, matter-consciousness, living-non-living, personal-society, physical-metaphysical, life-death, God-Divinity, etc. boundary connections, boundary transformation);
and also about the explanation of a movement, a change and evolution (starting from the birth of the universe to the evolution concepts or to the historical/social "evolution" dilemmas)
Necessarily applied top theories: matrix logic, boundary-theories, transformation theories, holographical theories, topos and category theory, etc.  
6.6. The double core of the new theory of reality: philosophy of the meta-consciousness/meta-man (multi-layered, complex, unified meta-philosophy about man/consciousness);
which is also the philosophy of the (collective, non-personal, etc.) meta-reality/collective reality consciousness (multi-layered, complex, unified meta-philosophy about being/reality/world and about the collective consciousness and consciousness of the higher realms)
6.7. Meta-theoretical summation
6.7.1. Fundamental aims and alternatives of the unified theory - searching for possible answers to the basic questions related to the meta-reality/meta-consciousness relationship (final conclusions and choices between conclusions).
6.7.1. An attempt to formulate the final principles and laws of Wholeness (the so-called unified meta-reality/meta-consciousness)
































Full length:
Max: 450-500 pages


Formulating the fundamental theses on the basis of the unified theory (strategy of mankind)
7.1. of man and the personal consciousness in space-time and above the historical space-time (see: 21. century)
7.2. The different ecological, social, economical, political, spiritual and cultural possibilities and program-alternatives of localities, nations, continents and of the global/universal humanity and also of the collective consciousness in space-time and above the historical space-time (see: 21. century)
7.3. The moral and religious and spiritual possibilities and all encompassing programs of the whole human society and of the world structure and its levels in space-time and above the historical space-time (see: 21. century)
7.4. Creating the New world and sharing works









Full length:
Max: 50-70 pages


(navigation of the reader and his/her travel among the chapters and subsections, possible choices to make between the chosen cognitive methods, an overview of the new reality/consciousness, apprehension alternatives, deduction possibilities - the work continues)



Full length:
Max: 20 pages

Prepared by: associate. Prof. Csaba Varga, 2009

We will reveal the four holon with all of the method of  meta-recognition( syntetizing the old and new knowledge of each science, plus  integrating all kinds of ancient knowledges, myth, spiritual knowledge and post-science knowledge.



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