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Visegrádi, Ildikó; information physicist, future researcher

Ildikó Visegrádi (1968) MSc, MDA. She is the leader of the Human and Artificial Intelligence Re-search Group at the Institute for Strategic Research. She graduated from the University of Pécs, Natu-ral Science and Human Resource Development Faculty.

Professional experiences:

or the first part of her career as a regular she took part in many special R&D projects concerning technologies, informatics and military diplomacies at the Hungarian De-fence Forces and MK KFH, Hungary. Since 2005 she is a senior member at the Institute for Strategic Research and the principal consultant of VICOMTEQ Information Office Ltd., a private strategic and scientific forecast agency.

Research areas:

the quantum-physical structure of the human mind and the Universe; real-time analysis of ID-frequency and personality simulations; analysis of PCT-asymmetries; theory and prac-tice of the quantum processor; scopes of artificial intelligence; dynamic holography; interdisciplinary theoretical researches (GUT, M-theory, TOE, Metatheory, QTD); manifestations of consciousness-creating intelligence

Intellectual profile:

Considering her intellectual and social status, Ildikó Visegrádi is an independent, transhuman be-ing who is able to live and work in accordance with her principles. Her intention for the period of this earthly life is to develop her knowledge and to test the theoretical results in practice. Being persuaded that the real research starts where knowledge ends, she is working on the borderland of sciences since the beginning of her career. She is characterised by holistic view and future-orientation, but at the same time she is a down to earth person: the way of implementation is the first for her to examine when a new idea comes up. At present she is focused on the quantum physics of information. Also she is interested in the dynamics of mutation, the long-term effects of global interventions and the occurrences on metrical threshold as well.

Major publications:

Az előrejelzéstől a jövőbe látásig (From the Statistical Forecast to the Mental Structure of the Future, Budapest, 1996); Élet a kozmoszban (The origin of life in the Universe, Bu-dapest, 1996); Hogyan válik az idő térré? (How to become the naked time into a space-time contin-uum? Budapest, 1997); Nemzeti hírszerzés a globalizáció korában (National intelligence in the age of the globalisation, Budapest, 1999); A jövő tudományai. Útban a transzhumanista társadalom felé (Sci-ences of the Future. A Way for the Transhuman Society, Budapest, 2000); A globalizáció kora. Ki-hívások és veszélyforrások. Jövőképek (Challenges, Dangers and Perspectives in the Age of the Globalisation, Pécs, 2001); Pályaválasztás a XXI. században (2003); E-világ. Az információ evolúciója az idők kezdetétől a tudás alapú társadalomig (eWorld. Evolution of Information Systems from Beginning of the Times to the Knowledge-based Society, Pécs, 2003); Bevezetés az infor-mációmenedzsmentbe (Introduction into the Information Management, course material, Budapest, 2004); Nemzet és idő (Nation and Time, Budapest, 2005); E-közigazgatási projektek megvalósítása (Realisation of e-Government Projects, course material, Veszprém, 2005)

Other activities:

The author regularly teaches courses in information management, and participates in organising international collaborations.

e-mail: ildiko.visegradi@metaelmelet.hu; visegradi@strategiakutato.hu

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